Many people have the habit of shopping without thinking. Without thinking how much it will be useful, many people buy many things just out of choice. Seeing a car like Virat Kohli ‘s favorite would not make one’s head right. He would buy it without thinking whether he can use it or not. Later most of the cars had to be sold.

Ahead of IPL, Royal Challengers Bangalore has launched a video program called ‘RCB Bold Diaries’ for fans on social media. Bengaluru star Kohli said this in response to a question there.

IPL will start from tomorrow. The host of the program asks Kohli, ‘You buy seven or five without thinking, which of these things do you use the least?’

India’s star batsman replied, ‘Most of my cars (cars) are like that. I bought all of them on impulse without thinking about anything. They were rarely run or not at all. I have sold most of the cars as the work seems pointless. Now we use only those that are really needed. It’s actually part of growing up, developing a sense of what’s needed and what’s not.’

Kohli also talked about his favorite song list in this event of Bangalore’s YouTube channel, ‘You may be surprised, I like a little old songs, I downloaded Arijit Singh’s MTV Unplugged playlist a few days ago. He unplugged with some of his best songs, some of which are soft-rock. I like them.’

Kohli’s car collection is quite good. Indian media reported in November last year that Audi Q7 model car is in Kohli’s garage. It costs around Rs 81.18 lakh.

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